All Private. All Yours.

We provide managed hosting services for QuickBooks and other applications your business needs, and we do it on the Microsoft Azure platform in your very own Microsoft account.

QuickBooks on Azure

Better than local IT,

NOOBEH services run from the Microsoft cloud.

Azure Cloud for QuickBooks Desktop

Your QuickBooks Desktop Software, available in the cloud

NOOBEH installs your QuickBooks desktop software, along with all the plug-ins and add-ons you use with QuickBooks, so you can run all your applications and have all the functionality you need – anytime/anywhere.

We don’t charge per-application installed, and we don’t limit what software or services you can use. It’s the most flexible and agile solution you can find anywhere, and it’s completely private.

Mendelson Consulting, the parent company of NOOBEH, was the very first reseller for QuickBooks Enterprise and continues to work with Intuit as an Advisory Board member and premier QuickBooks Solution Provider.


“We are fortunate in that NOOBEH cloud services has the direct access and availability of the best QuickBooks consulting team in the nation right here.

The QB consulting team is the support system for any QB-related issues that may arise with NOOBEH clients.

That is one of our competitive advantages.”

-Mario Nowogrodzki, CPA.CITP, founder and principal of Mendelson Consulting

Workers around the world are working from home rather than the office, and businesses are finding that adapting to a remote working model is sometimes harder than they thought – especially when the server and the workstations and all the business I.T. is in the office.

Migrating to a cloud server for all your business applications lets your workers get the work done no matter where they are.


When you need to work from home.


NOOBEH cloud services offer fully-managed I.T., delivered from the Microsoft Azure cloud. Hardware failures are a thing of the past, and purchasing now for possible future needs is no longer required. Get what you need now, because the system can be adjusted to changing business needs when they actually change.

Fully-managed cloud deployments for small business and growing enterprises.

What Our Customers are Saying

Environmental Staffing Agency

My boss LOVES the Noobeh environment that has been set up for us!!.”

Private Jets and Aircraft Management

“We are very pleased with Noobeh’s services. I am happy to communicate that to any of your prospective clients.

ATV Parts Distributor

“We deployed on our Noobeh server just before the work from home order, and it couldn’t have worked out better.”